So Much to See

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There are many places to visit in Australia. It doesn't matter if you've lived here for years; you will be able to find something new to do. Even if you've already visited the iconic locations, there is plenty more to see. You could even visit them again and find something new.

The Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest formation created by living organisms. It is so large that it can be seen from space. It is also the largest tourist attraction in the nation. If you haven't visited yet, you must. It can take days to see even the most beautiful regions.

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Uluru National Park

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Uluru National Park is one of the most iconic images of Australia. The lone sandstone formation has withstood the test of time and continues to amaze with its incredible colour and size. If you're visiting Australia or haven't been to Uluru yet, you have to go.

Sydney Opera House

image of Opera house

The Sydney Opera House is another of the most iconic attractions in Australia. Although many people would claim there are plenty of better sites around the country, I would argue that the Opera House is one of the best, especially if you're staying or living near Sydney.